Ocena Rae,

miss paradise hawaii 2020

20 yrs old

I would like to be a huge role model to young kids in the world, who want to do good for future generations to come. The miss Hawaii Program has taught me how to be selfless, and to give back no matter where you are in life. As a young kid I always told myself, no matter if I’m successful or not I will always try my best to give back to my community. And with this program I can truly relate with what their goal is as a whole.

What college did you attend or are currently attending?

University of Hawaii at Manoa

What is your major?


Greatest non-academic accomplishment?

Black Belt in Martial arts, Author and Illustrator of Childrens book “Owen Octopus the BRAVE”, Miss Hawaii High School America 2016

What is your Social Impact Initiative?

Ocean conservation

What is your talent?

Martial Arts

What is your shoe size?